Saturday, January 14, 2017

Starting Slow

Over the last week I have spent a great deal of time seriously considering what it is that i am doing. During this time I have been back and forth about my goals and intentions. I am enjoying this approach because while I am committed to this year's Tour, being able to make plans and choices with purpose and with real intent is making me more aware of what I am doing.

The most difficult thing about this process is that my current work day includes about 4 hours of commute. This means that I spend a lot of time on a bus or work and little time at home until the weekend. I do a lot of thinking and planning during this time. On the weekend, I can execute those plans.

I am happy to say that my eating habits have improved. They are not perfect, but they are better than they were. Less junk food for snacks (more nuts and fruits, which I prefer anyway), drinking more water, less soda, and about the same amount of tea (no sweetener or cream). My meals are hit or miss to be honest, but I feel good about the progress and direction.

The activity aspect of things is not going as well. Between bitter cold, long days of commuting, and a few personal issues cropping up, I have not gained much ground in this area. Last year during this time, I was doing several fun things while I was doing nothing. I was very inspired by Stephen Jepson (as I still am) and that really informed my actions. I am going to spend a portion of this weekend getting back on track. I will update soon.

Minimalism. Over the last five years I have been very enamored with this concept. As an experiment I did a massive decluttering several years ago. While I remained enthused about it, I was unsure if anyone else in the house felt the same way I did. I feel as though I could go rather extreme in this area and be fine. I do have others to consider though and none of my goals include losing compassion for others and taking others feelings into consideration. For this reason, I am starting with my clothes first.

I hope to update again this weekend with more progress.

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