Thursday, January 5, 2017

Goals for the 2017 Tour

It is time to reveal the 2017 Edition of the #584MillionMileTour and be held accountable for my progress. 

A little background for those not familiar is likely in order. I do not really do New Year’s Resolutions… for the most part. Instead, I do what I call the 584 Million Mile Tour. That is the distance (roughly) that the Earth travels around the sun in one solar year. During this time I set certain goals and changes I wish to make. The year marks the time I have to make these things happen. It isn’t a one and done goal. It is more an effort for a lasting change.
In the past I have had relatively simple goals and I have been mostly successful. One year my goal was to develop my self-confidence. I adopted a ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Another year I wanted to try and simplify my life. I managed to get rid of 16+ boxes of things and it helped me view acquiring new things with more perspective.

Last year I had a much loftier goal. I was on track and I firmly believe I would have been successful. I fell into a terrible depression in the early parts of the year though, and I allowed it to overcome me. Not only did I let these goals fall away, I also made some dreadful decisions and set a relatively dark tone for the rest of the year. I have been on the road to recovery for the last several months and I feel I am now ready to make the changes that will move me forward.
So what are these changes?

These are big goals. As I said, the ones I have had in the past have been smaller by comparison. First of all, I am adopting last year’s goals. This is important because I still believe in those goals and I still think I can accomplish those things. Secondly I am adding some things.

  1. The first thing I want to discuss is the Global Goals. I have mentioned them before (and I will continue to do so) because I think they are quite important. There are 17 goals, and while they are all crucial, picking one to focus on is how we can best funnel our energy. If I divert my focus into all 17 equally, I am unsure how much I could do. If instead I focus on one (or maybe two) I can really do something. Choosing one was hard. I narrowed it down to three:  3, 7, & 13 (good health & well-being, affordable & clean energy, & climate action respectively). These were the things I felt were most crucial for me. They were also things I felt I could have an impact on in my everyday life. I finally decided on 3 because I could use it to help me with the others. Good health and well-being are so universally important I felt it would also be a good example.
  2. I want to adjust my diet and activity level. “But Fox, didn’t you just say that in the previous one?” Yes, but I was specifically talking about the Global Goals. This is a personal quest. Last year I started out very strong and was well on my way. I can do this. It will take a while for me to get to where I wish to be. It will not be overnight. I will be sharing my activities on social media though.
  3. Minimalism. Some of you close to me know how much I have talked about building one of those tiny houses. Some may also recall me getting rid of so many of my things a while back. This is an idea that has been walking patiently beside me for years, waiting for me to come around. After the success I had a few years ago I have known I could do it when the time came. Having a family certainly complicates this a bit; but it is entirely possible. 
  4. Purpose. I wish to be more driven by purpose and goals. I want to be more responsible about what I put in to myself and what comes out. Obviously this covers food and such, but I also mean what I put in my head. What I say and do. If I want the world to be better, I have to make my changes. It starts with me.

So that in a nutshell is 2017. I certainly have some smaller goals as well, but these are the big things.

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